How to shift your money mindset? (A 2017 Guide to Financial Freedom and Practicality)

If there is one thing that constantly haunts our days and night, it is always money. Being trapped in a constant and self-defeating loop of making a budget but abandoning it in the process is a collective experience we can all relate. It is a good thing, then, that there is a way to combat it. By shifting our paradigm of our financial mindset, we can turn the act of budget making from being a limiting issue to being a tactical financial plan.

Step 1: Enhance your financial awareness

Before we solve a problem, we must first recognize it. Understanding your economic weaknesses and difficulties in handling money will reveal the cause of the trouble. A financial problem does not look pleasant, but you have to look at it as it is and you have to see it for what it actually is.

Step 2: Facing it, accepting it, and doing something about it to resolve it

Seeing your financial problem in its bare skin will inevitably yield negative feelings – shame, guilt, frustration, even anger. If you find yourself in this situation, the key here is this: don’t look away. Let those emotions sit inside you and fuel you in creating practical solutions.

For instance, avoiding filing taxes is easy, but it is not the mature course of action. Facing it and closing matter will do you advantage: not only will you be able to cross it out of your worry list, but doing it on time will also help you away from any penalties.

Step 3: Foster the right environment for your money mindset to evolve

This action works in complete with step 1 – the enhancement of our financial awareness will make us see our commercial pattern. Consequently, this will also reveal to us the intents behind our actions. For instance, we regularly avoid any tools that could help us in planning our budget because it may lead us to discover the fact that we do not have enough. The realization will help us overcome the fear of such discovery and in turn, will help us create an environment suitable for our financial mindset.

Our financial mindset significantly coincides with our daily existence. Money is often viewed in a negative light. Recognizing our patterns will help us foster a healthy attitude and approaches when it comes to handling finances.