Saving money for travel

One of the famous sayings states that life should be spent collecting memories and not material things. This can be made possible through travel – a pleasurable activity that makes our days worth living. However, for this desire to materialize, we need to have an ample amount of money. Though there are promos that we can avail to lessen the costs, travel still requires airfare, accommodation, and food among others – requisites that we should be able to meet for us to have a satisfying experience. If you are planning to take a break from your everyday life, there are a variety of ways you can do to save money for your future journey.

1.     Create a budget plan
This is for your monthly expenses. Microsoft Excel will do. By setting up a budget plan and recording your purchases every month, you can have an idea of where you spend your money. From here, you can determine what you can cut off from your usual expenditures and convert to your travel funds.

2.     Launch a garage sale
Go through your closet and old boxes. Find all the things that you no longer use – long gown, for example, or old laptop or boots – and sell these online. Craigslist, Amazon, Etsy, and Ebay are some of the options you can maximize. I guarantee that this will increase you travel savings radically.

3.     Let people close to you know about it
Telling your dream vacation to people close to you will help. Some of them may be willing to extend themselves financially. So, let your mom, best friends, as well as closest colleagues know about your plan. Tell them any financial assistance is appreciated.

4.     Maximize your car
Instead of spending a significant amount on gas, you may opt to maximize your vehicle for extra income. Tap the communities who subscribe to carpooling and convert them into your market. You may also choose to have your car rented and, as an alternative, use the public transportation. It is estimated that approximately $3000 can be gained from this endeavor.

5.     Invite your friends to come over
Having your friends to come over instead of going out will help you avoid spending a large sum of money. Instead of having this amount go to someone else’s pocket, deposit it directly into your travel fund.

Travel, as an activity, requires a sufficient amount of money. It’s a good thing that you have the ways to save as well as earn extra income for your travel fund within your disposal.