Letting go of past mistakes

If there is one thing that every person can all relate, it is a pain induced by our inability to forgive – not others – but ourselves. The utter defeat and despair that we feel when we lay on our bed at night and reexamine our lives and the eternal regret that gnaws our consciousness at whatever time of the day have all succeeded in putting us down and making us feel miserable. The feeling can be compared to a dagger that is buried at the core of our hearts. The key to overcoming this overwhelming torment is self-forgiveness, that is, the act of letting go our past mistakes. These five ways will help you to succeed in that endeavor.

1.     Look for the silver-lining
No matter how bleak and impossible it may seem, always look for the silver-lining. It is always there because everything happens for a reason. Use the lessons of your past to build a better future.

2.     Reform your goals
The pain of defeat often arises when things fall short before our expectations. Re-assess your goals and if necessarily, reshape it into something more practical and doable.

3.     Remember the things that make you feel grateful
Hold onto everything that makes you feel grateful. Bear in mind that life is not a collection of good days alone, but a montage of good and bad days.

4.     Commit to living your life differently
Acknowledge your past mistakes and rectify the errors. This is the mature approach in every setback thrown by life. Make a commitment that you will change yourself for the better.

5.     Find purpose and meaning
Your past mistakes may cloud your vision and prevent you from seeing your purpose and meaning in this existence. Remember that those two things are there – hidden yes – but always around the corner. Hold onto this knowledge and, whatever happens, never give up.

Overcoming this feeling requires a proper mindset that gears towards forgiveness. We need a constant reminder that everyone commits mistakes and that an error is not necessarily a bad thing but a building block that we can maximize for our development.